Ichi Pixel 41st Meetup PLAY/TEST (Dec.)


次回のIchi Pixel vol.41は12月21日(土)、なんと初のお昼開催!





It’s already December, 2019 is closing!
What kind of games did you make this year?
Still making one? Then this event would be the best fit to show it!

Next Ichi Pixel vol.41 will be held on Dec. 21st (Sat), starting from daytime for the first time!
The unfinished-game showcase, “PLAY/TEST” is coming back!
All you need is “Unfinished games”! If your game is completed, you are not eligible for this! Sorry!
As always, this event is not only for the game developers, so if you just love to play and talk about games, please just drop by!

  • Date: 2019 Dec 21st. (Sat) Opens at 13:00, starts from 13:30 ~ 17:30. Closes at 18:00.
  • Whole bar becomes an event space.
  • Entrance fee is 1000en + one drink as usual.
  • Up to 12 spaces. If we get more than 12, we’ll have a lot.
  • We don’t have a large space for everyone, so please keep your booth compact.
  • We might not have enough power plugs for everyone. Maybe it’s better to bring your own extra battery!
  • We’d like to upload photos or videos on SNS, so let us know before hand if you don’t want that.
  • The deadline for the application is December 7th (Sat), 23:58.

If you are looking for the test-players for your game,
or if you want any advice, this would be the best opportunity!
We’ll be waiting for you to apply!

We’ve closed the submission form. Thank you for all the applications!

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